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Sheen accidentally launches himself into outer space and crash-lands on the planet Zeenu. The Emperor of Zeenu mistakes him for a genius and appoints him his Super High Royal Supreme Advisor. Also, a 10-ft.-tall princess who happens to be the Emperor’s daughter falls in love with him, the powerful and evil Dorkus vows to destroy him and he befriends a talking space chimp—all on one day!

“Is This Cute?”
After Boh-Rok the Destroyer, the most powerful and horrible creature in all of Zeenu hears of Sheen’s presence on the planet, he decides to pay The Emperor a visit. Boh-Rok is incredibly temperamental and if angered, he will wreak havoc on the entire planet. He demands that anyone who approaches him follow strict guidelines. As a result, The Emperor tries to prepare Sheen for the impending visit by hiring a tutor. To sabotage Sheen, Dorkus enlists the worst possible tutor, a nervous, slug-like creature named Doppy. If Doppy can't get Sheen to stay focused and learn the protocol before Boh-Rok arrives, it could be the end of them both.

“The Boy Next Dorkus”
When Mr. Nesmith's cave gets too crowded for his liking, Sheen decides he would like a place of his own and moves directly across the street from Dorkus. Already feeling as though Sheen has taken his place as top advisor, Dorkus plans an elegant dinner party to impress the royal court and win back The Emperor’s favor. Dorkus’ plan is threatened when Sheen upstages his elegant dinner party with a wild and fun housewarming party. As revenge for stealing his guests, Dorkus plots to destroy Sheen and finally be free of him forever!

“What’s Up Chock?”
When Aseefa discovers that Chock Chock, her pet Chocktow, has run away she comes to Sheen for help. In an effort to impress Aseefa, Sheen and the gang agree to track Chock Chock down at any cost. However, in order to do so they must travel to the Gulley of Razor Sharp Fangs, infiltrate a vicious pack of Chocktows, one of the scariest creatures in Zeenu, and convince Chock Chock to return home. When they arrive in the Gulley of Razor Sharp Fangs, Chock Chock has fallen in love and doesn’t want to leave.

“Joust Friends”
When Princess Oom’s gigantic, two-headed ex-boyfriend, Grish the Beautiful, returns home to Zeenu, he is not happy to find out she’s in love with someone else: Sheen! A super jealous ex-boyfriend, Grish, challenges Sheen to a battle for Princess Oom’s honor at the Palace of Pain in front of the whole kingdom. Sheen decides his only option is to escape from Zeenu before he’s forced to fight for the heart of an alien princess he doesn’t even love.

“Sheen for a Day”
It is Princess Oom's "Popping Out Day" and both Sheen and the Emperor have completely forgotten! While The Emperor scrambles to find Princess Oom the perfect present, Sheen has decided he too wants a day in his honor. In an effort to impress The Emperor and get his day, Sheen gives the Emperor the perfect gift for Princess Oom, the most important part of the rocket ship he and Mr. Nesmith are building. Now Sheen and Mr. Nesmith need to come up with a plan to get the piece of the rocket ship back before Princess Oom gets too attached to it and ruins the rocket ship completely.

“Well Bread Man”
Once a year, Zeenuian adults leap off cliffs in loaves of bread and float down safely to the ground to commemorate one of Zeenu’s greatest and grand traditions. When The Emperor finds out that Sheen is just a boy, he refuses to let him participate in one of the most sacred holidays in Zeenu as it’s only for adults. The Emperor determines that the only way for Sheen to take part in the tradition is to take the “Manhood Trial by Fire.” Seeing an opportunity to destroy Sheen, Dorkus volunteers to train him for the “Manhood Trial by Fire” with the intention of sabotaging him.

“Cutting the Ultra-Cord”
Nesmith and Doppy are worried about Sheen’s erratic behavior. Dorkus suggests therapy by man-eating Fusterbeest.

“Trial by Jerry”
Sheen introduces the justice system to Zeenu when Mr. Nesmith is accused of eating The Emperor’s favorite pet.

“Keeping Up with the Gronzes”
Obsessed with setting world records, Sheen challenges competitive librarian acrobats to a book-stacking competition.

Sheen grows a tortilla monster that threatens the citizens of Zeenu.

Sheen invents an “all get, no give” holiday that nearly destroys him.

“There’s Something About Scary”
Aseefa is imprisoned for making a scary face, and it’s up to Sheen to break her out.

“Act I, Sheen I”
Sheen and Aseefa star in Dorkus’ play, unaware that it’s been riddled with booby traps.

“Money Suits Sheen”
Sheen sells a non-existent product to the masses so he can build a suit made of money, but his scheme backfires when his customers show up at his house for the goods.

“Washing My Sheen”
Sheen vows to never bathe again and accidentally attracts a horde of destructive, filth-loving beasts.

“Stuck in the Riddle with You”
Sheen has to use his matchless wit to rid Zeenu and save his friends from a carnivorous, pretentious plant called the Dentamental.

“Chock Around the Clock”
While pet-sitting, Sheen accidentally gets Aseefa’s pet Chocktow caught by Animal Control and has to rescue him before she returns.

“The Oomlick Maneuver”
In an attempt to stop Princess Oom from liking and licking him, Sheen tries to get her back together with her ex-boyfriend, Grish the Beautiful.

“Ooze on First”
Sheen teaches Zeenu his version of baseball.

“Monster-Fighting Combat Strike Force”
Doppy’s parents fear their son is becoming too courageous when he and Sheen form the Monster-Fighting Combat Strike Force.

“To Chill A Mocking Blurg”
The Emperor’s Royal Ball of Compliments quickly turns into a Hall of Insults as Sheen and his friends are plagued by a flock of bird-like, rowdy, mocking blurgs.

“Now You Sheen It”
Sheen puts on a magic show that actually makes people disappear.

“Desperate Houseguests”
Sheen helps Doppy’s parents rid their house of an unwanted guest.

Sheen has to rescue Nesmith from a mythical white-haired creature, the Boopenfoofer.




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